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Landscape Design Service Texas

Do you want to modify your yard and lawn into the gorgeous green space of your dreams? Professional guidance from our landscaping designer team can help you with it. At L.C. services, you will get connected with highly skilled professionals having years of experience in designing, installing, and making the most complicated landscaping surface.


We begin our landscaping procedure after analyzing your property’s condition, assessing the amount of sunlight available and the situation of your soil and water, and consulting with you about your design goals. We can give you the professional advice you need to create a realistic plan for utilizing your outdoor areas to their full potential. We have the best residential landscape designer to make your dream landscape a reality.


How do we make lawn landscape designs?


We proceed by preparing true-to-life scale plans showing our proposed enhancements to your outdoor area. We rigidly locate everything we plan to deliver. We adjust to picking the things that will create a different look and make it stand out from others.


It doesn’t count if you are starting with the proverbial empty slate or are even looking for a minor enhancement of your current landscaping; our skilled team will help you at every stage. Our team also provides many lawn landscape designs in Longview, TX.


There’s no doubt that landscaping is significant in creating a suitable formation for a property, whether it’s commercial or residential, by just adding a few things can give a more appealing look.


L.C. services have provided professional residential and commercial landscaping services along with the best landscape designers in Longview, TX with years of experience.


Our experienced team designs each landscape as unique as every customer. We pride ourselves on our entirely different landscape. We comprehend that each customer has a unique vision and idea for their personal property. Here you don’t have to worry about it, and our team will listen to your ideas carefully and get straight to work, turning them into a beautiful landscape.

Our Landscaping Services


At L.C. Services, we offer a comprehensive range of landscaping services to cater to all your outdoor needs:


Landscape Design


Our skilled landscape designers work closely with you to develop a customized design that aligns with your vision and budget. We consider factors such as plant selection, hardscaping features, lighting, and irrigation to craft a design that not only enhances your property's aesthetics but also ensures functionality and sustainability.


Landscape Installation


Once the landscape design is finalized, our skilled professionals take charge of the installation process. We handle everything from planting trees and shrubs to constructing pathways, installing irrigation systems, and setting up outdoor lighting. Our attention to detail ensures that your landscape comes to life exactly as envisioned.




Hardscapes are an integral part of any landscape. We specialize in creating stunning hardscape features such as patios, retaining walls, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens. These elements not only add beauty but also provide functional spaces for relaxation and entertainment.


Water Features


The soothing sound of water can elevate the tranquility of your outdoor space. We design and install various water features, including ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and streams, to bring a sense of serenity to your landscape.


Irrigation Systems


Efficient irrigation is crucial for maintaining the health and vibrancy of your plants. We design and install irrigation systems that ensure proper water distribution while conserving water and minimizing wastage.


Outdoor Lighting


Extend the usability of your outdoor space into the evening with our expertly designed outdoor lighting solutions. We strategically place lighting fixtures to enhance safety, security, and ambiance.


Landscape Maintenance


Keeping your landscape at its best requires ongoing care and maintenance. Our services include mowing, trimming, pruning, fertilization, pest control, and seasonal cleanups to ensure your landscape remains vibrant and healthy year-round.


Our Collaborative Approach


We firmly believe that successful landscaping is the result of a collaborative effort. Here's how our process works:


Initial Consultation


We begin with a comprehensive consultation where we discuss your goals, preferences, and budget. We also conduct an on-site assessment to understand the unique characteristics of your property.


Conceptual Design


Based on our consultation and assessment, we develop a conceptual design that outlines the critical elements of your landscape. This serves as a starting point for further refinement.


Detailed Planning


Our team meticulously plans every aspect of your landscape, from plant selection and layout to hardscaping details and irrigation requirements. We provide you with a detailed plan that includes a timeline and cost estimates.




With your approval, we move on to the execution phase, bringing your landscape design to life. Our skilled craftsmen and technicians ensure that every element is installed to perfection.


Final Review


Once the installation is complete, we conduct a final review to ensure every detail aligns with your vision. We also provide guidance on ongoing maintenance to keep your landscape thriving.


Your Dream Landscape Awaits!!


At L.C. Services, we are committed to making your dream landscape a reality. Our dedicated professionals are passionate about creating outdoor spaces that enhance the beauty of your property and also provide functional and enjoyable areas for you to relax and entertain.


Contact us today to embark on a journey to transform your outdoor space into a place of beauty and tranquility. With L.C. Services, your dream landscape is within reach!

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